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Spiders Description
A tarantula spider that has been infected with the T-virus, causing them to grow to several times their normal size. Crawling along walls and ceilings, Giant Spiders (sometimes referred to as "Web Spinners") will show up in various locations. They have the ability to poison by spitting a secretion at their targets. The blue herb will usually cure the poison. Some people hate spiders and basically will either kill everyone in the game they meet or run away from them.

There are 3 types of spiders in the series so far - large boss types (which have their own section), your standard ingame ones, and smaller spiders which run around doing nothing but jumping up and biting you or allowing you to stand all over them, killing them. The smaller group come from these larger types.

When you encounter the Giant Spider, it is usually in groups of two to three, and they usually will crawl on the ceiling or wall until you get close enough to them. Once that happens they tend to drop down in front of you, blocking your way. The shotgun or grenade launcher is usually an efficient defense against these monsters. If they spit at you, be sure to avoid it as it will usually result in you getting poisoned. This normally isn't hard unless your in a small area. If you wish to fight them this time where they sit still trying to spit, it can also be used as an advantage to fire off a shot or two, as long as you do have some distance between yourself and the spider so as you don't get hit by the acid in the process.

If you get in the path of a moving spider occasionally they'll smack into you with their bodies, causing your character to make a sound and be hit back a little. If this does any damage I'm not sure, but it can leave you open to be hit by Acid or another spider if your not that lucky.

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