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Licker Description
There is a file in the second game with a description of these hard monsters. Sharp claws? Really? Lance like tongue huh? Cut a man in half.... your kidding? So why the heck are these things easy to beat then? Is that what you say is it, that the file is just making them sound tough? Fine then... :) Seriously, I never found Lickers to be as tough as this file made out to be. As long as you know what your doing you'll be fine against them.

Lickers, according to Survivor, are humans double dosed with the T-Virus. I'm not sure if it's correct, nor makes them all that much tougher than zombies, but either way the only real way that things can be tough is because of the way they move around. It's not often that do run after you you shouldn't have too much of a problem, leaving you to stand at a point and shoot away at them. When you get to later points in the game you will come across Lickers who are darker in color and much harder to beat than the normal ones.

The Licker also appears in the Resident Evil movie, although slighly modified in it's existance and forms. After eating it becomes a "Uber-Licker" - faster, larger, stronger.

The most common of the Lickers attack is it's claw attack - a simple claw to your characters legs. The easiest way to avoid this from hitting you is to keep a distance from the Licker. If it does get close you can avoid it by stepping backwards as best you can. If a Licker is sitting upwards (this is the easiest way to put it) then chances are it's getting ready to use it's Tongue. I don't often see this used so you shouldn't have to worry about it much. It's easily avoided if you can keep some distance between your character and the licker. It's final attack is a leaping claw attack. While this can happen out of the blue, more often than not Lickers will only do this when there is too much distance between you and them and your running around. The mark to know it's happening is the screeching sound they will make. If your quick enough to react and have the ability to move far enough they can miss. If you get hit it can sometimes do some serious damage so check your health afterwards.

As for attacking - use any powerful weapon that will allow you to hit the licker from range. The most comical of these has to be the effects from the Submachine Gun. :) As long as you can kill it as quick as you can, before it has the chance to even get close, you'll be fine. You can even use the Handgun though you'll probably have the Licker at your characters feet by the time you kill it. This even applies to Survivor, however the Licker is easier to kill by Handgun in that game compared to Resident Evil 2.

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