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Brain Sucker Description
Brain Sucker
A relative of the Drain Deimos, the Brain Suckers are similar but don't attack with swipes, instead they'll do this funny run attack and try to latch on you. They do this to suck your brain of blood, and while they do this sometimes they inject a poison. This doesn't happen too often in the game, and if your good enough to not get hit by them anytime then you'll never have to worry.

The attack that do is probably one of the easiest to dodge, this is usually due to them being slow, trying to attack early, and moving too far past you to do much. You should take the chance after you've dodged them to shoot them down.

The simple rules here are to keep your distance and shoot them early. Doing so will allow you to kill them with ease.

The Brain Suckers main attack stance is a walk or run at your character. It's prone to doing this when there is a mid to short distance between itself and your character or when you are running nearby it. In this it climbs up onto it's back legs in which to move closer and grab you to do the brain suck. If it doesn't walk it will jump to your location. Usually this happens at long distances. Either through doing the walking attack or if it just hops up and attacks because your close by, this is the Brain Suckers only attack - a brain suck. On occasions while doing this attack you will be poisoned, and while it isn't a lifethreatning attack if you constantly get cornered by one or more you could end up being killed. Other than that it will sometime spit or claw at you but this isn't as common.

Sometimes you'll get spit at by the Brain Sucker. It doesn't happen too often and it's either going to hit or miss. Close range attacking should be avoided at best due to the chances of the Brain Sucker jumping up and grabbing you mid shot. However if timed well you can dodge out of it's path and shoot it quickly. As with distant shooting, powerful weapons will kill the Brain Sucker in anywhere between 1-3 shots.

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