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Grave Digger Description
Grave Digger
The oversized sliding worm is now a huge ground burrowing monster who doesn't seem too happy. Depending on your actions you'll only have to take the Grave Digger on once or twice during the course of Resident Evil 3.

You can easily escape the first attack as long as you have good timing to flick the switches to lower the ladder to escape. I believe that you can also attack it until it leaves, but I've never tried and so I'm not too sure about that one.

The second time you'll have no choice but to take on the Grave Digger in the Raccoon Graveyard - it is a Grave Digger after all. :) Here you'll need to use powerful weapons, and any help you can get around the area *hint-hint* to kill the Grave Digger as it surfaces above the ground.

The Grave Digger's only attack are bites. A straight forward bite from it's claw like mouth as it moves forward. Not too easy to dodge in tight spaces, just try not to be caught by it to often or else you'll be dead.

In the first encounter underground this is your best option, in the second there is no option of running. For the first encounter you need to run switch to switch to power up and then lower the ladder to escape. Watch out for the Digger coming out of all the side walls as you do this, time your movement right, and you should be fine. As for fighting back, simply you need to have some decent weaponry on you if you want to make it a short battle. Magnum, Grenade Launcher, etc. are the best standard weapons you want. During the Graveyard battle you can also use the lights and water to your advantage, just make sure you don't get trapped when you do so though.

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