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Hunter 121 Beta Description
Hunter 121 Beta
The new form of the Hunters. Much like the 121 Alpha Hunters in Resident Evil 1 their attacks have to do with running and jumping around a lot, and using their claws to cause damage. Killing them this time is a little easier than with the Alphas.

Unless your really low on health, or surrounded by a few of them attacking at various times (a real pain to get out of), you probably wont find them to be much of a challenge. Still perhaps you shouldn't get too relaxed about facing them.

When taking them on your weapons of choice for an easy kill would be the Magnum or Assault Rifle. Shotguns work nicely and if you have the distance between yourself and a single one, the Handgun can be used too if your low on good ammo (though you should never be like that).

The hunters main attack is using their sharp claws to slice at your character. Most of the time this can't be avoided too well, but usually can be prevented by taking down the hunter quick enough. Their other claw attack is a jumping claw. Right when your setting up a shot the will jump and run into to slash at you. Hopefully there is enough space between you and where they land to get off a shot and drop them. On occasions they will jump over you. You should use this to your advantage. Oh and of course, the head swipe - which will kill you.

Shooting them at a distance is recommended for battling the Hunters. As mentioned above anything quick or very powerful is best as it either keeps them at a distance or kills them before they have a chance to get close. In close range you should be using the same weapons and trying to knock the Hunters back so they can't swipe at you often if at all. The simple tactic here is to take them out as quickly as you possibly can.

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