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Hunter 124 Gamma Description
Hunter 124 Gamma
When I heard there was two types of Hunters in RE3, I thought the 2nd type would be really hard. I was wrong. Basically these ones are just the same as the 121's, except they have more of a tendency to jump over your head and attack you from behind. This doesn't really make them that hard either, but if you have one on both sides of your character (as you'll be set up to having like this at one point in the game) then you might find it a bit difficult to manage. At this point it might be easier just to see if you can escape rather than fight the Hunters.

Unlike the 121's who'll swipe off your head, the Gamma's will swallow you whole because of their large mouth. How they manage this at usually 1/3 of a persons size is an amazing thing, much like how a snake can do this.

The hunters main attack is using their sharp claws to slice at your character. Most of the time this can't be avoided too well, but usually can be prevented by taking down the hunter quick enough. Again the jumping slash is another attack of theirs where they the will jump and run into to slash at you. Hopefully there is enough space between you and where they land to get off a shot and drop them. On occasions they will jump over you. You should use this to your advantage. And as mentioned above, they can also swallow you whole if your not careful.

Shooting them at a distance is recommended for battling the Hunters. As mentioned above anything quick or very powerful is best as it either keeps them at a distance or kills them before they have a chance to get close. In close range you should be using the same weapons and trying to knock the Hunters back so they can't swipe at you often if at all. The simple tactic here is to take them out as quickly as you possibly can.

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