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Sliding Worms Description
Sliding Worms
These worms, the smaller form of the Grave Digger, really aren't worth your time to attack usually, and you should just avoid them as much as you can. They act like leeches, but grabbing on to your character and sucking on their blood until they throw them off. The best thing to do in the game is to avoid them as best you can by strafing left and right as you come towards them and they come towards you.

You do this because they will leap as they near you. Strafing means they will jump and miss you come along, and when you have many after you well, you need to keep moving. Other than that you just need to run to make sure they don't catch up once behind you.

In smaller areas, you probably will want to shoot them. Any weapon will kill them with ease so shoot away, the quicker the better.

The Sliding Worms attack is a jumping leech, where they jump at your character and latch on to leech blood. This is easy to avoid if they are all coming towards you by moving left to right running towards them. They'll jump straight past.

While you can use just about anything to kill the worms, because of the numbers something quick to work is the best way to take them out. Usually these worms are easy to avoid, but if you get stuck with a group of them then you'll need something to work well. The Assault Rifle or Grenade Launcher with Explosive or Flame Rounds are probably the best two. However running away from the worms is probably the best idea seeing as sitting there putting ammo into them is a waste. They are easy to dodge and don't take much effort into getting away from

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