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Boutique Key Description
Boutique Key "It’s a key for an uptown boutique."

Only used in the original PlayStation edition, you will gain the Boutique Key to give Jill a collection of other outfits she can wear in the game. The number of outfits open to you is dependent on your ranking in the harder difficulty of Resident Evil 3. The higher the rank the more costumes you get. The boutique is located beside the Bar Jack, in the early areas of the game.

The reason why the key is not included in the Dreamcast or PC editions is due to the costumes you can get in the PlayStation edition already being in the 8 ones you can pick from the start of the Dreamcast and PC ones. The costumes are as below.

Item Location
All of the costumes are located within the boutique, along the same block as the Bar Jack where you meet Brad. These are the cosumes you'll find inside.

Costume A - Biker

Costume B - 70's Style Pant Suit

Costume C - Officer Valentine

Costume D - Dino Crisis' Regina

Costume E - S.T.A.R.S. RE Original

Costume F - Default

Costume G - Girls Night Out (PC/DC Only)

Costume H - Casual Friday (PC/DC Only)

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