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Nemesis Description
The main guy and subtitle namesake of Resident Evil 3 (although not Biohazard 3-heh). While he might look tough, he's usually easy to avoid, or take down if you take note of how he's attacking. During the game he has three forms. The original is shown to the left, along with two different looks (the 2nd isn't that much of a change from the first as it is more of a lack of his costume that is the main change.)

With S.T.A.R.S. members fast becoming a threat to Umbrella's plans, they deploy their latest variation of the Tyrant, the Nemesis to dispose of them. Not much is known about the origin of Nemesis. He is much smarter than the average Tyrant, posessing the knowledge to speak the word "Stars" and to wield a rocket launcher.

While the Nemesis concept was to give you constant paranoia over when he would show once you'd seen him, it's more often than not that people talk more of him being a pain more than a scare that makes Nemesis not seem as he was supposed to be. Still now it is more often you'll hear people talk about Mr. X (who has style in his attacks) and the CV Tyrant-078 (who just looked tough without having to do much more than walking out of his tube) than of Nemesis in this light.

Perhaps it's just that Nemesis was over exposed before the game was released. Heck rumors of who Nemesis was (people picked Wesker, Barry, even Rebecca) were around long before the game and long after too. Then again Nemesis really isn't anyone as far as we know now. People surely saw a lot of Nemesis and I assume that took a lot of wind out his impact in the game. Hmm, perhaps then if you haven't played the game yet, you shouldn't be reading this. :)

Type I
The first for of Nemesis is the form you will see him in for most of the game. There isn't much to his attacks other than grabs with his left hand, which are easy to avoid by going to his right side. Taking him down is either a matter of ammo or time, and mixed with some well timed skill. Of course if your not up for attacking, most of the time Nemesis can be avoided through your live selection choices or running around him. There is one battle in the game with Type 1 you can't avoid and the best weapons for this fight are again, Magnum, Grenade Launcher (Freeze Rounds work really well), and if your in the harder difficulty the Minethrower.

Type II
The second type causes a bit of an argument. I believe it's just Nemesis without the restrictions of his straps, others believe an entire new form. Whatever he is now the addition of long tentacles make the second type a slight more of a challenge even at a bit of distance. Simply however you need to either grab your strongest weapon and fight, or start running. Again there is one battle with this type you can not run from, and it's got a time limit on it, but this time you will get some help in the form of taps which release acidic sludge when hit. These will burn off the parts of Nemesis along with your normal attacks (Grenade Launcher is best) until he is gone.

Type III
The third and final form is a big old slab of meat. Simply you'll need to get the special weapon in the area you meet him in powered up. To block him however will need the use of some strong firepower. However once the weapon is ready to go, you'll defeat him easily.

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