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Hunter Description
A hunter is a bio-weapon created by modifying the genetic structure of a human by combining genetic information from reptiles with injections of the T-virus. It is named "Hunter" because of the quick, accurate movements it makes, and the efficient methods it uses to subdue its prey. Because they are still partly human, Hunters have enough intelligence to understand and execute simple orders.

From what it seems these Bio Organic Weapons were supposedly created by some accident (at least what the Survivor files lead us to believe) but used, enhanced, and later perfected (perhaps) by Umbrella Inc. for the use of maximum security in the original games mansion and mansion grounds. Umbrella has also been trying to enhance them and there are varations of Hunters in some of the other titles.

Firing anything less than the shotgun or magnum at this monster is simply foolish. Hunters move very fast, and thus must be shot the instant that you encounter them. You can knock them down with a blast from the shotgun or magnum, but dont stand too close to them because they have the smarts to counterattack. It takes two shotgun shots to kill a hunter, but only one well-placed magnum shot. Don't try and shoot them long as their back is turned as hitting them in the back does little to no damage and will waste ammo.

The hunters main attack is using their sharp claws to slice at your character. Most of the time this can't be avoided easily, but usually can be prevented by taking down the hunter quick enough as mentioned. If there is something that will annoy you about the hunters more than anything it's their jumping slash attacks. Right when your setting up a shot the will jump and run into to slash at you. Hopefully there is enough space between you and where they land to get off a shot and drop them. On occasions they will jump over you. You should use this to your advantage. If your low on health then a final head swipe attack may happen. If this happens to you, then your dead. That's all there is to it.

If your playing Resident Evil Survivor or Dead Aim then your weapon options are a little bit different and while you can use the shotgun or magnum if you have them, you also have a variety of options from handguns to assault rifles to choose from. In both of these games you can get away fighting with these weapons so it's up for you to choose whats best.

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