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Grenade Launcher (RE3) Description/Information
Grenade Launcher (RE3)
"Hk-p Grenade Launcher. A small size grenade launcher developed for police use. It is loaded with burst/flame/acid/freeze rounds."

A nice piece of weaponry, the Hk-p Grenade Launcher is something you shouldn't be without during Resident Evil 3. It comes in handy because of the ability to use different types of rounds which makes it an all around killing machine.

The Grenade Launcher fires four types of ammo which you can find or create. The first is the Grenade Rounds (Grey Case). These are the standard bullets for the Grenade Launcher that scatter fragments when they hit the target, thus why they are sometimes called Grenade Burst Rounds.

The second is the Flame Rounds (Red Case). These special bullets are filled with powerful napalm gel which sets the target on fire when they come in contact. The 3rd type are the Acid Rounds (Yellow case). The Acid Rounds contain an anti-creature sulfuric acid which burns through and melts organic materials on contact. These are good against most enemies in RE3.

The forth and final rounds are new to Resident Evil and only found in RE3 currently. The Freeze Rounds (Blue Case) are powerful rounds filled with ultra low temperature liquid nitrogen which freezes enemies on contact.

The Grenade Launcher will be found in one of two places. The first is the locker in the S.T.A.R.S. office of the 2nd Floor of the RPD. If it's not there you will find a Magnum, and instead the Grenade Launcher will be found in the Power Station. You need to unlock both of the shutter doors there. One room will contain the Fuse, the other the Grenade Launcher.

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