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M3 Shotgun M3 Shotgun "Benelli M3S. An easy to carry sawed-off shotgun. It uses 12 gauge shot shells." (Benelli M3S E... More »
Magnum Bullets Magnum Bullets Standard magnum bullets for use in the magnum gun. Comes in quantities of 6.... More »
Mine Thrower Mine Thrower (Mine Thrower) "A prototype weapon made by Umbrella's armament dept. It uses special bullets equippe... More »
Rocket Launcher (RE3) Rocket Launcher (RE3) "M66 Rocket Launcher. An old but powerful weapon." After the terrible single barreled-two rock... More »
S&W M629 Classic Magnum S&W M629 Classic Magnum "S&W M629C. A large stainless steel revolver. A classic type equipped with weights to reduce the rec... More »
Shotgun Ammo Shotgun Ammo Standard 12 gauge shotgun ammunition. Comes in quantities of 7. ... More »
SIGPro SIGPro (Merc's Handgun) "SIGPRO SP2009. It's mainly made of plastic and is very light. It uses 9mm parabell... More »
STI Eagle 6 STI Eagle 6 "STI EAGLE 6.0. A custom made gun for competitions. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds." By defeati... More »
Western Custom M37 Western Custom M37 "Western Custom M37. Equipped with a special reload system and is effect for close range battle. It ... More »
Pages: (2 total) 1 2
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