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Game Instructions A Game Instructions A We hope you improve your chances to survive! < Shooting Objects > You may get different rea... More »
Game Instructions B Game Instructions B < Ammunition Creation System > To create various ammunition, you need to use the "Reloading Too... More »
Incinerator Manual Incinerator Manual This incinerator plant is one of the facilities that burns the disposable items which are sent from ... More »
Jill's Diary Jill's Diary August 7th Two weeks have passed since that day. My wounds have been healed, but I just can't f... More »
Manager's Diary Manager's Diary April 25th Today is my 30th birthday. I was transferred to this facility today. I am very happy... More »
Manager's Report Manager's Report Before you begin your new position, please allow me to give you some advice. Some of the medicines i... More »
Marvin's Report Marvin's Report September 24th There are reports of a theft in the municipal building before dawn. A jewe... More »
Mechanics Memo Mechanics Memo I know that you're intimidated by your new job Kevin, so let me tell you how to make sure that you a... More »
Medical Instruction Manual Medical Instruction Manual Umbrella Medical Service North American Division Douglas Rover In order to activate th... More »
Mercenaries Diary Mercenaries Diary September 1st Following six months of intensive training, my body's edge has returned. I wa... More »
Pages: (4 total) 1 2 3 4  Last »
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