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Gun Powder C Gun Powder C "One of the items used for making ammunition. It can be combined with the Reloading Tool or the Gren... More »
Infinite Bullets Infinite Bullets "When combined with a weapon, an unlimited number of bullets become available." As the descripti... More »
Ink Ribbon Ink Ribbon Used in conjunction with the typewriter to save your game. For each ink ribbon you possess you can s... More »
Iron Pipe Iron Pipe "An iron pipe for gas piping. It's tough and long enough to be used as a pry." And a pry it sha... More »
Lighter Lighter A cigarette lighter. In most Resident Evil games one of the characters starts out with this item, an... More »
Lighter Oil Lighter Oil "It's fuel for a lighter." It goes without saying that when you find Lighter Oil, a Lighter can... More »
Lockpick Lockpick "I can unlock the simple locks with this.” They couldn't leave the undisputed "Master Of Unloc... More »
M37 Parts M37 Parts (Parts A) "A wooden stock and magazine tube. A weapon cannot be made from these parts alone." (... More »
Machine Oil Machine Oil "Oil for small machines. It can't be used for the large size machinery by itself." One of the i... More »
Main Gate Key (Park Key) Main Gate Key (Park Key) (Park Key) "It’s a key for the main gate of the Raccoon Park." The beginning part of the Par... More »
Pages: (5 total) 1 2 3 4 5  Last »
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