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Black Tiger Black Tiger In the underground is the king of all spiders, three times as large, three times as powerful, and re... More »
Cerberus Cerberus The "Cerberus" is Umbrella's term for dogs used as test subjects for T-virus research, or those acci... More »
Chimera Chimera These guys are puzzling. You can sit there thinking about what kind of creatures they really seemed ... More »
Crow Crow Birds of prey that have fed upon the carcasses of the infected. Beady eyes, sharp claws, sharp beaks... More »
Hunter Hunter A hunter is a bio-weapon created by modifying the genetic structure of a human by combining genetic ... More »
Neptune Neptune Mutated zombie sharks are on the menu in Resident Evil, codenamed Neptune by Umbrella. You better wa... More »
Plant42 Plant42 The mutant plant at point 42. Reading the files about Plant-42 in the game you'll likely be swearing... More »
Spiders Spiders A tarantula spider that has been infected with the T-virus, causing them to grow to several times th... More »
Tyrant-002 Tyrant-002 A genetically enhanced human male injected with pure T-virus. Considered to be Umbrella's "ultimate ... More »
Wasps/Halbert Wasps/Halbert *pop* - *pop*. What's that sound? It's me wasting ammo on these wasps is what it is. Oversized becau... More »
Pages: (2 total) 1 2
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