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Bat Bat Your standard winged rodent, but infected with the T-virus. They are similar to the crows in the way... More »
Cerberus Cerberus The "Cerberus" is Umbrella's term for dogs used as test subjects for T-virus research, or those acci... More »
Crow Crow Birds of prey that have fed upon the carcasses of the infected. Beady eyes, sharp claws, sharp beaks... More »
Eliminator Eliminator Eliminators are baboon test-subjects for the B.O.W. experiments. Because of its abnormal muscular de... More »
Giant Bat Giant Bat An overgrown version of the winged rodent. Infected with the T-virus, the bat has grown to over seve... More »
Giant Centipede Giant Centipede This giant insect will attack both main characters in the Umbrella Research Center. When it arrives,... More »
Humanoid Leech Humanoid Leech A massive quantity of T-virus-infected leeches that conglomerate together to form a human-like creat... More »
Leech Leech A leech that has been cultivated using the T-virus. These leeches will consume human flesh, and can ... More »
Lurker Lurker A frog that has grown to enormous size as a result of being injected with the T-virus. It mainly inh... More »
Queen Leech, 1st Form Queen Leech, 1st Form This is the first transformation that Marcus will undergo when you finally encounter him near the en... More »
Pages: (2 total) 1 2
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