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Angel Wings Angel Wings A set of wings made of white stone. Combine these with the white statue to create the Statue of Good... More »
Battery Battery A power source for the lift outside in the courtyard of the Training Facility.... More »
Black Statue Black Statue A statue made of black stone. It is missing one wing. Combine with the Black Wing to create the Stat... More »
Black Wing Black Wing A single wing made of black stone. Combine with the Black Statue to create the Statue of Evil. ... More »
Blue Keycard Blue Keycard A security card used to unlock a door in the train locked with a sliding card reader. ... More »
Blue Leech Charm Blue Leech Charm A small blue charm in the shape of a leech. ... More »
Book of Evil Book of Evil An elaborate looking book with the word "Evil" on the cover. Opening it, you will discover the Black... More »
Book of Good Book of Good An elaborate looking book with the word "Good" on the front cover. Opening it up, you will find the ... More »
Breeding Room Key Breeding Room Key A key engraved with the visage of a hideous monster. Used to unlock the door to the Breeding Room in... More »
Briefcase Briefcase A locked briefcase with two circular indentations. The blue keycard is inside. ... More »
Pages: (6 total) 1 2 3 4 5  »  Last »
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