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Resident Evil 2 : Multimedia
All multimedia on this website is in Windows Advanced Streaming Format. You will need the Windows Media Player 9 Series plugin to be able to view the media.

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Description View/Listen Total Views
George A. Romero Biohazard 2 Commercial
The infamous Biohazard 2 Commercial, now in a better quaility. To learn more about this and other trailers browse here.
(Source: )
View/Listen 107428 Views
Eat Me Brad Vickers! Part I
That Silly Ol' Chickenheart, this time it's Claire Redfield
View/Listen 79893 Views
Biohazard 2 Preview
A spot for the Biohazard 2 video game
(Source: )
View/Listen 74807 Views
Tofu Speed Walkthrough
A faster walkthrough by Resident Evil 1 speed champ Mike Morrow
View/Listen 53000 Views
RE 2 - Leon's Ending
A spolier- the ending of Leon's game (poor video quality)
View/Listen 52307 Views
Floating Hunk
A neat glitch discovered in the 4th Survivor extra game in Resident Evil 2
(Source: hellaraiser (at)
View/Listen 46928 Views
Hunk Walkthrough
Complete walkthrough of Hunk's extra game in Resident Evil 2
(Source: hellraiser (at)
View/Listen 40404 Views
Tofu's Walkthrough Video
Video of the entire Tofu extra game from RE 2
(Source: )
View/Listen 37135 Views
RE 2 - Leon's Opening
The opening movie for Leon's game
View/Listen 36426 Views
RE 2 - Claire's Ending
A spolier- the ending of Claire's game (poor video quality)
View/Listen 35963 Views
1 More Kiss
More background music from RE 2
(Source: )
View/Listen 34039 Views
Eat Me Brad Vickers! Part II
This time Brad Vickers takes a bite out of Leon.
View/Listen 33654 Views
2nd Malformation of Birkin
Music from the encounter with Tyrant Birkin
(Source: )
View/Listen 32739 Views
Goodbye Leon
The BG music that plays during the scene where Ada and Leon say goodbye
(Source: )
View/Listen 32332 Views
Resident Evil 2 Commercial
A "meatier" version of the commercial for Resident Evil 2 (in comparison to the Bio Hazard 2 commercial)
View/Listen 31038 Views
RE 2 - Claire's Opening
The opening movie for Claire's game
View/Listen 24871 Views
RE 2 Ending Music
BG Music from the ending.
(Source: )
View/Listen 19373 Views
Underground Laboratory
BG Music from the UG Laboratory in RE 2
(Source: )
View/Listen 19229 Views
Basement of Police Station
BG music from police station basement in RE 2
(Source: )
View/Listen 17244 Views
2nd Floor of Police Station
BG music from Second Floor of Police Station in RE 2
(Source: )
View/Listen 16061 Views
Library BG Music
Background music from the Library in RE 2
(Source: )
View/Listen 15608 Views
RE 2 Opening Movie Music
The bg music from the opening movie in RE 2
(Source: )
View/Listen 15521 Views
RE 2 Prologue Music
Music from the opening prologue in RE 2
(Source: )
View/Listen 15487 Views
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