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Resident Evil Outbreak : Sony/Capcom Promotional Event

Outbreak @ The MetreonHeld on April 2nd, 2004 at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco, California, the Outbreak Release Party celebrated the release of the game in the United States. Apart from showcasing the game, many prizes were given away and people dressed up entertained the crowds.

Below you will find various write ups, pictures, and movies from the event. Enjoy.

Outbreak EventImpressions By Mike "Wirebrain" Stevens

Mike contacted us @ to post a more complete version of the events as he stayed for the whole show. He has also provided us a selection of photos from the event and provided several movies that you can see below.


Outbreak EventMovies From The Event

Here are a selection of movies from the event also provided by Mike:

  • Jill In Raccoon City
    Jill explores Racoon City, then gets ticked off seeing someone use a strategy guide!
  • Living Dead Girl
    One of the friendly greeters there to "motivate" the guests.
  • Virtual Tour
    A brief tour of the facilities and staff therein.
  • Resident Fandom
    After the fire alarm, it began to show that a few of the enthusiastic fans were a bit... too enthusiastic.
  • Lunchbox
    The latest in Covert Umbrella Trickery. The T-virus samples are removable.
  • Zombie wants to play
    The zombie featured here must belong to the camp who keeps complaining about the controls. After a few moments he gets tired and decides to pursue something juicier.

OutbreakImpressions By CVXFREAK

The first set of impressions were originally presented by CVXFREAK who arrived early and left early. It's a quick overview of the event plus his own impressions.


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